The following are earthworks created and constructed by Alex Champion of Earth Symbols throughout the United States. To view larger images click on the photo of each design.
sm image cretan

The CRETAN is the oldest known labyrinth design, minimally 3200 years old. Used for walking, meditation, and spiritual communion. This labyrinth is presently located in local parks accessible to the public. This labyrinth can be made with earth mounds, rock, sculpted, or painted.

sm image doublespiral

The DOUBLE SPIRAL contains a slightly modified meander pattern, so that the two entrances are side by side. The entrance mound allows one to examine each entrance, while walking around it, so that one can choose which path to take on the second pass. This DOUBLE SPIRAL earthwork is located in Philo, California, USA.

sm image four_directions

FOUR DIRECTIONS. The design gets its name from the fact that you can walk exactly the same number of steps in each of the four directions. Made with earth mounds, rocked and a flag stone path. Located in Albany, California, USA.

sm image pinwheel

PIN WHEEL painted at playground (Sacramento, between Grant & Stockton) near China Town in San Francisco, California USA. The design was based on the image of four entrances with paths to a center; for each entrance one enters the center from a direction 90 degrees from that originally entered.

sm image flowerwand
The FLOWER WAND is a composite symbol. The handle is made of four meander patterns. Each end contains three vesicas arranged as a flower. The earth work FLOWER WAND is located in Philo, California USA.

sm image spinmeander

SPINNING MEANDER CROSS contains four meander patterns in a cross arrangement. Each meander is 90 degrees turned from its neighbor, which gives the design a sense of motion. The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California USA.

sm image vesica triangle

This design integrates body, mind and spirit. We attribute its energy as relaxing, peaceful, and spiritual. It is called the VESICA TRIANGLE, an earthwork located in Philo, California, USA.

sm image doublespiral_nv

This DOUBLE SPIRAL was created in the Nevada desert on May 2002, as a rock work with most stone inserted vertically one third of its length, as was done with standing stones in England, thousands of years ago.



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