The Flower Wand located in Northern California, USA

The flower wand was started with a "dig in" in the spring of 2000. Eleven people showed up to remove earth from 515 feet of path to form some of the mounds. Champion then made the rest of the mounds with earth scrapped from the surroundings by hand and with the aid of a small bobcat when the six vesicas were made. In the late winter of 2001-2002, he dug out three inches of earth from the path and added an inch or so of small river rock. The design is 142 feet long and between 25 and 50 feet wide. It points more or less east/west and is the beginning of the Art Line, which is part of the Art Line Project. The goal of the project is to facilitate the installation of a labyrinthine design in each of 14 states at the same latitude (39 degrees north) across the country. Serendipitously, the 39 degree north latitude divides the country in half. For more information on the Art Line project go to Toby Evan's site, Alex and Joan, Marilyn Larson, with Toby and some of her friends laid out the 9 vesica-petaled flower design at Toby's place in Missouri. Later, Marilyn noted that Toby and the Champions' homes were both on the same latitude. In fact, they are within one fifth of a mile from being at the same latitude. This is how the placement of the line was established.
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