Dowsing for Energy Lines. The creation of the Meander Wand began some 14 years ago when I began dowsing to look for energy lines in the labyrinths and other geometric symbols I was making. I have made nearly 40 designs, many as earthworks, and have dowsed most of them. One common energy pattern I found results when feminine water and masculine solar energies are present (Fig. 1). I call it power spot energy, and it was found only in meander-pattern based designs like the Cretan and Chartres labyrinths (1, 2). I found a second common energy pattern based on Yod Energy which is low key, nonpolar, neutral energy that I dowse is from the highest source in the spiritual world (1, 2). Yod energy is found in certain symbols, like in designs made with the vesica piscis (Fig. 2), or small-ring numbered Cretan-like labyrinths . In general, I find it as lines and bands in painted designs, and as zones in earthworks. Power spot energy tends to energize, although many experiences are possible. Experiences generally are an energy attunement or a spiritual communion. Yod Energy tends to calm, although like power spot energy, many other experiences are possible.

double spiral illustration

Dowsing study

Figure 1. Male solar energy and female water energy combined to form a power spot. Also shown is a pair of Yod energy lines that tend to follow the water lines.

Figure 2. Dowsing study on the vesica figure 8 earthwork, showing Yod lines, band and zone.


When I made earthworks I dowsed before and after the layout (the design is usually painted in white on the ground) and after the earthwork was completed (Fig. 3). I always found a progression of energy from before to after layout, and from layout to the three dimensional earthwork (Figs. 4 & 5). The most substantial energy detected was in the earthwork. This makes sense when one realizes that the design and its three dimensional form are reflections of the world around us. Energy is brought in with designs based on the archetypal geometric patterns of Nature (circle, spiral, square, vesica piscis, golden mean, and several dozen more). Another fundamental aspect of our world is that it is three dimensional, hence it is not surprising that more energy comes in when I create a three dimensional earthwork from a largely two dimensional pattern.

The most substantial energy was detected in the earthwork. This makes sense when one realizes that energy is brought in with the designs based on the geometric patterns of Nature (sacred geometry). Another aspect of Nature is that it is three dimensional, hence it is not surprising that more energy comes in when I go from a two dimensional pattern to a three dimensional earthwork.

Figure 4. Standard dowsing results for a meander pattern based design. Note the effect of the way of construction on energy present. Power spot energy is on present with he 3D earthwork.

Figure 5. Dowsing study on the vesica triangle design. Note the increase in energy as the earthwork is made. To view Fig. 4 and Fig. 5 click on images.


Correlation of Dowsing Results and Occurrence of Interesting Experiences. Over the years, while making earthworks, I notice that many interesting experiences happened to me after the earthwork was completed. On four occasions labyrinth indicator experiences (3) continued after the job was completed. After finising two earthworks, the experiences continued for a week. After one not-unusually-difficult job, all my upper vertebrate, my shoulders and neck ached for two months. After making three earthworks in the first part of 1989, I "released" daily for three months afterwards. This prompted me to examine all my records, diaries, old talks, where I saw that most interesting experiences happened after the earthworks were completed. For several jobs I saw a doubling of the number of interesting experiences. Since I dowsed that there was the most energy present in earthworks, a case could be made for a correlation between the two (see papers five and six in Essays on Labyrinths and other Geometric Symbols). Thus dowsing appeared to have a predictive value.

This prompted me to look for differences between a power spot and its two constituents. I dowsed that the power spot was a level higher in energy than its component energies of feminine water or masculine solar (Fig. 6). This means it was both quantitatively and qualitatively different. This same level difference was subsequently found in Yod energy profiles. The energy of a Yod zone was a level higher than its constituent Yod lines and/or bands.

The Meander Wand. Several years ago I was inspired to make a wand-like design after seeing a Tibetan Vajra (Fig. 7). It had a rod-shaped handle and two three dimensional geometric figures at the ends. The handle for my wand-like design became four meanders strung together. The handle was capped with two 3-ring Cretans at the ends, and voila! the meander wand (Fig. 8). After I discovered two common energy profiles, Yod and power spot, I starting thinking of creating a design that would combine the two, just to see what would happen. I accomplished this with the meander wand, as the meander pattern brings in power spot energy and the 3 ring Cretan brings in Yod energy.

Figure 6. Power spot energy and Yod energy zones are dowsed at a level higher in energy than their components.

Figure 7. Tibetan vagra from Mt. Shasta retreat.

Figure 8. The meander Wand. The handle is four meander patterns, while th ends are 3-ring Cretans.

A curious feature of power spot energy is that it usually brings in a Yod energy line, as well as water and solar energy (Fig. 1). With a small design such as the simple cavern, the Yod line, as well as the water line, follows the long dimension of the design (Fig. 9). Thus, I expected that the water and Yod lines would run horizontally in the middle of the handle. Additionally, the 3-ring Cretan brings in a cross of Yod lines that is centered on the end of the path (Fig. 10). Thus, when the center of the 3-ring Cretan is aligned with the central horizontal axis of the four meanders, a Yod line that runs the length of the design was created. This longitudinal line joined the two energy patterns (Fig. 11). Back to Top

Figure 9. Dowsing study on the cavern design showing that lines oriented along the long axis of the design. Figure 10. Dowsing study on a 3-ring Cretan showing a cross of Yod lines at the "center" of the design.
Figure 11. With the center of the 3-ring Cretans and the horizontal axis of the meander handle alligned, a Yod line transverses the entire design.

Metaphors in the Meander Wand. I was a biochemist for 25 years, and I couldn't help but notice the relationship between power spot and Yod energy and a basic fact of biochemistry. Living organisms, at the simplest molecular level, are oil and water: oil-based forms suspended in a water background.Water is polar, and has partially positive and negative regions; power spot energy is made of two polar components (negative water and positive solar). Oil is a nonpolar, neutral molecule; Yod energy is nonpolar and neutral.

I also note that humans are made of physical components from our Universe; power spot energy is of our world. Man has a spiritual component, their soul; Yod energy is from the spiritual world. Thus the wand contains energies that are good metaphors for the most basic aspects of our species - its physical nature, and the fact the physical human has a spiritual component.

A colored chalk maze at the dowser's west coast conference. After creating the meander wand, I wanted to make one to see what would happen. I got my opportunity at the 1998 dowser's west coast conference (Fig. 12). We used color chalk to lay it out. I dowsed for energy lines before I put up the design and found nothing. Then I dowsed the design a while after layout and found a power spot in the handle region, with all lines contained there. I found a Yod zone and Yod lines in the same pattern, as I found for the 3-ring Cretan alone, and a continuous Yod line ran down the length of the design (Fig. 13)

As I usually do with all my designs, I next asked if there was an additional energy, and I got yes. When I looked for its boundary, I couldn't find it walking out about 50 feet from the design. So I asked how far it went out, I got 400 feet, in all directions. The new energy, which I call power Yod, results from the combination of Yod zone and power spot energy. Not only that, but it dowsed a level higher in energy that either power spot or Yod zone energy (Fig. 14). It was exactly analogous to power spot energy being of a higher level than either of its components (water lines and solar bands). I dowsed that when the two complementary energy designs were tied together with the horizontal Yod line, a higher level energy was created.

The first time I walked it I got dizzy and felt a little strange. The dizziness made sense, my energy fields were being affected by this new energy, and it was throwing me slightly off balanced. I became a little afraid of it, and stayed away from it. Energy work can be very intense, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the time. I ended up walking this design maybe three or four times, which is much less than the many hours I normally spend walking and exploring any new design.

Figure 14. Relationship between Power Yod and its components, power spot energy and Yod zones.

I did a survey for this design, and there was nothing particularly unusual about the results, except that more people (10 out of 43 or 23%) circled "powerful experience" and "had visions" than with any of the six other designs I surveyed (an average of 15%) (see Fig. 3 in reference 3). I received a rather interesting response from a dowser whose opinion I respect. "It is a very powerful form, possibly too advanced for the public to wander into. I heard some people say they had unpleasant, scary experiences, or that they didn't feel well afterwards." As I thought about it later, the response made sense based on my own experience with the many designs I have made. There is a period of acclimatization, whose length and intensity depends on the individual, and the design. This was a new energy, that dowsed as different than anything I had ever made before, hence I would expect a strong response to it at first. As I reported in the essay on labyrinth indicator experiences (3), dizzy, achy, strange and tired are symptoms I frequently had while making new designs as earthworks.

I also didn't like to walk it, too much turning this way and that in the meander handle region. So I lost interest in the design. Then a year or so later Joan, suggested we paint it on canvas, so that people could lie on it. I suggested that she make it large enough for a person to lie on and be within the entire symbol. I consider being inside the symbol, one of the important features of a walkable labyrinth. Joan painted the design on the first canvass in purple. It is six feet long and two feet wide on a seven foot long canvass.

The energy brought in by the purple Meander Wand is qualitatively the same as what would be brought in with an earthwork, yet is confined to a small area surrounding the canvass. Since the energy of the Meander Wand dowses as a level higher than anything that I have made before, even the Cretan or Chartres labyrinths, that suggests that some different, perhaps unusual experiences might result from using it. The experience with the chalk version supported that possibility.

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Alex B. Champion, Ph. D., Philo, CA 14 February 2001


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