APPENDIX - Birth of the Meander Wand

TESTIMONIALS - Anecdotal Accounts

I have continued to record people's experiences. Here are testimonials that I have recorded, based on the date I received them:

28 November 2000: Alex, by the way, I have a "Wand Story" that you'll like...I woke up in the middle of the night from some sort of bad dream (which I couldn't remember) and I was filled with childlike terror or some vague "wrongness" in the room. Also noticeable was the very beginnings of what I took to be the flu (sore throat, achy feeling). Because of the dream, I couldn't go back to sleep and was ready to do some meditating...but then I remembered the wand, lay it out on my floor and curled up on top of it (basic fetal position). It was cold down there on the floor, and I thought to go get a blanket, but presently I got really warm and fell asleep (not surprising, from your other accounts). When I woke up about an hour later I was laying flat and felt TERRIFIC! No flu, no terror, no disorientation at all (even though I was laying on the ground in my nightie).

TLS 2000 conference - 6 - 12 November 2000: Many people, easily several dozen, lay on the wand, all feeling something. One lady said she felt energy moving up and down her body, spirally as it did. A lady, feeling burned out, lay on the wand, and said she got a major healing in several places including her throat chakra. Another lady saw a black cloud around her lower stomach dissolve. One man who lay on the wand for perhaps 5 minutes felt his ears ringing. Another lady felt a warmth throughout her body. Another lady said she felt she was being tilted backwards with her feet higher than her head. One lady announced that she had a migraine headache, she was worked on by ML using Reiki. After 15 to 20 minutes, the migraine headache was gone. Unfortunately, one cannot tell what roles the wand or Reiki treatment played in her improvement.

AC - 4 November 2000: Have you had any interesting experiences using the wand? Alex

I am still me, however, others have been using it and feeling energized! Like number 8's going swiftly through their bodies!

LR - 10 October 2000: LR has lost many people close to her, her parents at a young age, and in recent years some of her dear friends. Recently she lost her best friend in the neighborhood where she lives. She slept one night on the wand, had many vivid dreams. The next morning she cried for three hours, and felt that not only was she grieving for her recent lost but also for all her sorrow in general. Afterwards she had a creative spike and composed two poems about her friend which became part of the funeral program.  

JL - 9 October 2000: I am sleeping sometimes with the wand under my head and continuing to have a multitude of dreams. Last night with you in it:

Dream: Alex arrives and sits down across from me. It is clear that his arrival is "announcing" that this dream has a special message for me. Joan comes and she is an artist but also a pianist. She tells me she has agreed to play a recital at an eclectic women's gathering in Oklahoma. She has committed me to playing violin there. "But it's so far!" I complain. "Only 4 or 5 hours." Joan replies. We will go one day and come back the next. I say OK when I look at a map and see we will cross the mountains, a very interesting part of the US I haven't seen in quite a while. I say 'OK' and off she and I go in her car. We stop along the way at a lovely suburban house with a pond in the garden. A woman comes to the sliding glass doors of the living room which is carpeted in white and opens the doors to say hello and wade in the pond. She invites us in at the front door. Other women/artists are there and we have a great time discussing art and having fun. We still have a ways to travel though before reaching the place of our recital.

JL - 19 September 2000: Testimonials regarding wand:

(1) Wand really helps to open emotions. On wand I was able to grieve for my nephew who was murdered in Tucson two years ago this week.

(2) Night after laying on wand woke up suddenly at 2:30 am because of strong odor of something burning (like food, coffee in a pan left on burner). So strong, got up to check kitchen. Nothing, and no odor in kitchen. Returned to bedroom &emdash; odor gone. Wondered which of my friends I needed to warn to turn off their stoves???

(3) Night after laying on wand - dreams of spiritual import. Such as, dream of stream, bridge, waterfalls. I go up to stranger saying "This water is sacred. It is our Life." I am priestess/spirit in long robe.

As we seek to re-enchant our everyday lives, the wand become another tool to do so.

I lay on wand and directed thought to clearing of cold symptoms which would impair coming vocal performance. Fell asleep for two hours on wand. Slept lots over next day. Cold appears to be gone. This is surprising. I have very fragile immune system and have been exposed many times to the latest cold/cough which others seem to have gotten very badly. Wand helps to focus thoughts on what to do for healing (resting, etc.) so energy can be used for just that ! 

LR - 16 September 2,000: . . . so, in my high states of frustration, I take to the wand. A real lifesaver! When I want to feel good I just lie down on it. THANK YOU so much! It is currently one of my prize possessions....something I would grab, were the house burning. 

CR - 11 September 2,000: Lady with irritable bowel syndrome for months, symptoms - an aching feeling on lower right side. Tried x-rays and barium to see what it was. Probably from being too anxious. Lay on wand for 15 to 30 minutes, felt gas "going crazy" in stomach, lots of gurgling sounds. The following night - the best night sleep in months. Called 2 days later to say that symptoms have not returned since lying on the wand. 

LB - 2 September 2000: For background, 13 years ago I was in a near fatal car accident in which the most lasting injury was a dislocation of all 5 metatarsal bones from the tarsal. This was repaired in a closed reduction, but one metatarsal bone did not hold and pops in and out with every step I take. In addition, the joint itself was extremely painful most of the times, becoming nearly debilitating when I started back teaching Elementary Music last August (1999). This was the first time I'd had a job requiring me to be on my feet all the time since the accident and the first 3 months were unbelievable. When I finally got home from school each day and got off my feet, I could not walk for the next couple of hours, and then only with extreme pain. Ron said the joint would "go into shock" and simply could not function. 

The weekend before school started this year, I called my doctor and begged a prescription of Celebrex 200 which had been the only thing that had helped endure. I was taking 2 a day for the first 4 days of school when I began using the Meander Wand. 

I laminated the shape and taped it to my foot Thursday night (August 24, 2000) and Friday my foot was better. I have not taken Celebrex since, and I have absolutely no pain in the joint, which is so wonderful! The bone that pops in and out gets tired as do the ligaments and tendons, but the intense pain is gone.  

Yesterday I did forget to wear the shape, and lo and behold, I did experienced pain! I promptly put it on when I got home and it helped immediately! Don't think I'll forget again!!

This injury has disabled so my areas of my life, in addition to the constant pain. I am very grateful to Universe for this relief and healing.

JC has cut out the laminated design the size of 3" x 9.5" and attached ties to it which she then ties around her head to improve her memory.

ML did the same thing to her laminated copy and cover her eyes with the wand facing her. As she kept her eyes open looking at the symbol, she said that she could feel energy through her entire body down to her toes. Both are now experimenting using different colors.

JC - September 2000: I have had chronic pain in her hip on and off for about 10 years. It was progressively getting worse. I was ready to go to the doctor receive shots such as cortisone or treatment for hip pain. I dowsed that I should lay on the wand for 15 minutes a day for 10 days. I did so, in February 2000 and the pain left. I have not had any reoccurrence of the pain. I did lay on the wand with the intent that whatever was causing the pain, whether it was physical or mental stress or energy block, be removed. I used dowsing to determine how and long and for how many days. 

MS: Worked all day moving and getting rid of stuff from her place. Was very tired afterwards and normally would have rested the remainder of the day. Lay on the wand and left feeling rejuvenated, and went to a 5 hour meeting that evening.  

Another time: strained a muscle in the upper leg, lay on the wand and the pain went away. Able to reach a calmer mental state within a few minutes of lying on the wand, with normal meditation it takes almost 10 times as long. She notices that it feels like her body evaporates. 

AL - 22 August 2000: A person with severe high blood pressure reports back that his rapid heart beat slowed down immediately when first lying on it. When he noticed this, the heart beat got faster. The next time he lay on it, nothing much happen, then he went for a walk and sat down at a outdoor cafe. While there he noticed that he felt more peaceful and relaxed than he had in years! 

LM.: Another person lay on it and was able to express grief at the fact that a 17 year old pet was dying. 

RH 22 August 2000: Back was really messed up, couldn't work (as a carpenter). Been sleeping on it every other night for 8 to 10 days. Back is gradually getting better. Now able to work 8 hours a day. His lower back has always caused him trouble for years, every so often requiring resting on his back in bed for several days. His back now feels as good as it as ever been in the last 5 or 6 years.

AH 13 August 2000: The meander wand &emdash; I love this - I have it unrolled along the side of my living room floor - I actually think I am going to put it on the wall as it is very easy to take down &emdash; I like having the physical design available to see and I know that the energy of the pattern emanates into the environment - sometimes I actually feel this energy moving from the canvas around me and or the room - when I walk through various waves in the room &emdash; and it always feels very soothing and wakes me up a bit &emdash; This past week I didn't feel in my center so I have been laying and sitting on it a lot - even sitting by it on the little rug I roll it up in when it goes outside!!! This is a good balancing wand.

Last Saturday a friend and I did a labyrinth presentation at the Community Center in Sonoma and I took it there - during the sharing some comments: 

l. I stretched on my back and within a few moments I heard a crack and felt an intense adjustment at the base of my neck - like at my chiropractor - then I focused more on my spinal column and a few other minor adjustments happened - I stayed for while and felt such deep peace - now my body is so relaxed and open. 

2. I lay down on my back and felt very uncomfortable so I rolled over on my stomach with my hands together under my face &emdash; I felt these waves of emotion throughout my body and I began to quietly cry - I haven't cried in so long &emdash; I feel so thankful for whatever that design wand is &emdash; and I feel very open and vulnerable now &emdash; (I, AH, remember her there for quite sometime - she felt very far away and then would come back into the room - I knew she was traveling, releasing and OK) 

3. As soon as I lay down I became so disoriented, dizzy and nauseous &emdash; I didn't dare to move or roll off the canvas so I stayed there very still barely breathing &emdash; I began to feel better and was drifting around in my awareness - It felt like I was there a long time but maybe it was only minutes and it really doesn't matter - I don't know what happened to me and I feel great now and I definitely would go back on that wand again.

LS - August 2000: Summary of an interview with a masseuse, who has been using the meander wand during massages for several months. LS owns one of our 4-color meander wands

She reports that when she does a total massage that everyone's experience is completely different, but that when she just works on their face and head, people see geometric shapes and colors that they haven't seen before. When she is working over the person lying on the wand, she feels sensations that she had not normally felt when doing massages without the wand. She feels the wand heightens the massage, and that the massage, the acupuncture points she uses and the wand all enhance each other. She feels that it "opens" people up and very noticeably moves energy in their body. People who have had massages with and with out the wand, much prefer to have the massage with the wand. It is her preference now to always use the meander wand when doing massages.

GH - 8 July 2000: What I am noticing is that areas in my body where there is stored, locked tension or memories seems to be loosening. And with the loosening certain memories come into awareness, some of which are embarrassing and are associated with my youth. I'm glad that I know some processing tricks.

Some times the energy seems very strong and sometimes quite gentle. It is not unlike the subjective experience I have when getting a qi gong treatment. When it is feeling very strong, there is usually a resistance somewhere in the system that the energy seems to be loosening. Sometimes fear comes up and I am learning, very slowly, to observe the body sensations after taking the label "fear" off the experience. It then becomes energy which can slowly soften and dissipate, especially when I stay aware of the background in which the experience is happening.

I have read, from reliable sources, that qi gong exercises done for perhaps two hours a day has been know to reverse cancer. If you consider that any disease is actually an energetic process looping in on itself to maintain itself then, to me, it makes sense that by dealing with it at an energetic level it could be deconstructed or reversed.

PD - July 2000: At the ASD west coast conference. Lady with an allergic reaction to medicine is lain on the wand, and attended to by PD. She felt wand dispersed pain induced by anaphylactic shock. Lady's heart stopped 3 times but was started again. PD feels that design aligns one's consciousness with God, and this quality aided her in switching souls in the lady on canvass. AC note: the alignment between heaven and earth sounds right. Question: is alignment synonymous with an expansion of consciousness?

RK - 5 May 2000: I slept all night on the meander wand and reported.

1. Many more vivid dreams

2. Normal level of tossing and turning reduced by 3/4

3. Found himself sleeping on back 3/4 of the time. Normally does not sleep on back but on right or left side

4. Felt very rested in the morning. Back to Top

D - 17 April 2000 : (as reported by A&C). Our friend D greatly enjoyed using the maze wand in a treatment she did for a friend in Germany while here in Florida. Our friend D is a healer, and does distance treatments on friends who are in need of help. D is very effective. She was scheduled to do one of these distance treatments on a friend in Germany. We offered her the purple meander wand as a booster for her work. She used it once for about 30 - 45 minutes. She came out of her session excited about how clearly she could see where she had been and how clearly the treatment had been executed.

A&C - 10 April 2000: The meander wand saga goes on. . . I've been laying on it almost daily. I also am tending to fall asleep. I seem to almost always wake with a start. That is, my body is tingling and I'm thinking, 'Wow! Where was I?' I tend to have more energy after my little nap. Usually when I nap during daylight, I wake up grouchy. There's none of that with these naps. I have a sense of wonder and exploration, or, curiosity around me after I've awakened.

A friend came over who has not tried many of the techniques or ideas that A and I have. She was curious about the maze wand so she lay down on it for about 9 minutes. She reported an 'itchy' feeling at first that changed very quickly to one of comfort. A few minutes later, she felt as though she were laying on a thick, soft layer of foam rubber. Finally, she thought that she was floating about 7 inches above the floor. That was a weird thought to her, but she accepted it because she was so comfortable. She enjoyed the feeling for a few minutes until she began to worry about the time. She had told her kids and husband that she was just going to the store for a few minutes.

A&C - 2 April 2000: Awoke at '5' am as usual. Oriented maze wand canvas east to west. I just felt like it. No dowsing. Put on back support so I can sit comfortably cross legged with lower back support. When I sat on the canvass, I set the intention to process any old emotional charges that I have held from childhood. I sat facing east to meditate. I use TM. A Vedic mantra technique. The technique quiets the mind to the point where stress is released. When stress is released, the mind becomes active. A thought occurs. This morning my meditation was filled with thoughts. I released more stress than usual. It is possible that this is just a symptom of balancing after a day on the road and at a conference under mercury vapor lights.

Several times in the recent past I have felt perturbed from a session on the canvass. I feel quiet and relaxed this morning. I did not notice any thoughts specifically related to emotion.

Comments by people who lay on the wand during the 2,000 annual daffodil party, held at the author's house the first weekend of March, 2000.

CP - 4 March 2000, 11am: I thought of the sarcophagus from TV series Stargate SG-1 when first saw pattern. Restful, peaceful, want to stretch and relax. Safe envelop. I would like to do yoga on a mat with this design. Very easy to focus of breath, lengthen back, internal massage of organs. Wanted to move while lying on mat.

RLK - 4 March 2000: Beginning - cellular realignment - uncomfortable. Body lumped (especially left side) came down on surface - peace began - one tear from each eye - relaxation and finished.

DE - 4 March 2000: Started out feeling agitated and ungrounded. Lots of activity in my intestines ... gurgling and movement, busy brain. Started to calm down. Then could feel a fairly free flow of energy. My body wanted to stay longer but my brain was anxious to see what else was happening in the house. Felt much calmer now though. 

IN - 4 March 2000: Upon lying down on the wand I felt very relaxed and felt rested the entire time I was on it. It was a great contrast to the activity in the room. I could vaguely remember the pattern that I was lying on. I knew it was closed at the ends and could feel that in my body. It was like being contained and held. I felt the urge to be able to visualize the entire design and run it visually through my consciousness while on the wand. I think it would be great to have a duplicate overhead on the ceiling while on the one on the floor. Or at least visually meditate on it before lying down on it. I guess I like the idea of imprinting the pattern on my brain more before the experience of the wand. I want to sleep on the wand for the entire night.

My experience sleeping overnight on the wand: It felt like a womb space, a very nurturing place. I know my awareness of it was in my dreams. I didn't toss or turn on it. I was heavy in my sleep. Of course, I needed a good nights' rest since I was feeling a cold coming on. It might be nice to experience the wand under different conditions. I think it had a beneficial grounding quality, that it lent to my evenings rest. I don't think it was too much for me for that night's sleep.

LS - 4 March 2000: Lying on the wand is an on going process for me of colors, energies, sensations, shapes, etc. Such is life. I have a sense of accelerated healing and learning indwelling me and surrounding in a swirling field of energy. I must explore this magic more.

DT - 4 March 2000: When I first lay down I felt tired. I turned on my side and felt like sleeping, but I didn't sleep. After 15 minutes I was no longer tired and was energized. Then what I am doing spiritually came to mind, I need to work on my spiritual life and do something and concentrate on that more. Then I meditated on emptiness, went fairly deep with this. I felt that my body was very light, like I could levitate above the maze wand 1 -2 feet above! Then I felt that the maze wand was causing body energy to move more in curves, intertwined and zigzagging instead of the usual straight lines.

CC - 4 March 2000: The key pattern, 5 minutes on there. I closed my eyes and saw a square maze - then I became aware of tightness on my left side - after some minutes it was disbursed. 

NC - 4 March 2000: Lying on the wand, I felt very relaxed then a sensation of warmth in my hips, then the center of my back to my calves. When I closed my eyes at the beginning I saw a grid probably from looking at the crystal above.

TL - 4 March 2000: As I lay on the wand I soon became aware of the fact that there were healing energies that I was feeling literally coursing through my body. I dowsed whether they would assist in the healing process with the growth on the side of my face. I received a definite yes and started the process. It will take some time and I will be able to tap these energies on going and the healing process with be shortened.

GP - 2 January 2,000: Developed a strong energy field resonating end to end at ~1Hz with column of energy at solar plexus. Felt dizzy and unable to walk after 10 minute session. Radiant energy - felt like a star. Possible use as a power generator.

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