cretan drawing EARTH SYMBOLS

What Are They?

Earth Symbols is a company that creates sacred space in the form of small or large walkable earthworks, that are also spiritual symbols and unique interactive gardens.

These earthworks are labyrinths, and other other complex geometric symbols, which are based on the first or archetypal patterns of Nature. They are similar to rose windows, medicine wheels, crop circles, and stone circles.


Earth sculptures are created with sunken paths and elevated earth mounds, which are the signatures of EARTH SYMBOLS. An earth symbol is an interactive art piece, that is walkable, allowing an individual to be inside the symbol, where you get a novel and more complete experience of it, as compared to viewing from the outside. The experience is both visual and kinesthetic. As a person walks within the earth, they feel nurtured by the path and protected by the mounds.


A labyrinth is a complex geometric symbol based on simple forms that are derived from the archetypal patterns of Nature. Labyrinth designs can be made with a compass and straight edge, the metaphorical tools of creation. Labyrinths are in the domain of sacred geometry, where one goal is to produce a temple, a meeting place between heaven and earth. Today, the labyrinth symbolizes the spiritual. A walking meditation, group ceremonies, retreats with the labyrinth as the focal point are some of the uses for labyrinths today. By bringing people together, a labyrinth naturally creates a sense of community.


Earth symbols are novel gardens expressed as:

WORKS OF ART. A garden is created when the mounds of these earth symbols are planted with wildflowers or grasses. The visual affect that raises the spirit and feeds the soul. Walking within a garden where the labyrinth or symbol is created with mounds from the Earth itself, is an extension of the earth energies that flow within it.

An Earth Symbol makes a wonderful garden for practical reasons. All the beds are readily accessible by the omni penetrating paths, and the elevated mounds are easier to reach for planting or weeding.

INTERESTING WALKS. A case in point is a small labyrinth,14 x 20 feet, located in Albany, CA. It is a labyrinth were there is the maximum amount of path possible in a given area. It allows one to see every single part of an area, which allows the discovery of micro environments. The path length is 70 feet, and since the view one way differs from the view the other way, one gets a 140 foot walk with a constantly changing view of the symbol and garden.

albany maze
Four Directions Labyrinth, Albany, California

In larger works, the path length becomes sizable. The distance in and out of an 80 foot Cretan labyrinth, seven times, is two miles; one can get a good walk in a small area.

PLACES FOR MEDITATION. The labyrinth offers a wonderful space to meditate individually. It can be a meeting place to bring people together and create a sense of community.

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